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Do payments get delayed based on due dates?

New Community Member

Do payments get delayed based on due dates?

I sent out a bunch of invoices tonight to several commissioners - many whom I've worked with before, and almost all of them are pretty prompt with payments. However, tonight the commissions all had specified due dates...something I've never done before. And now none of the invoices have been marked as "paid".


I thought that adding a specific due date would make it so the buyer has to pay BY that date, but am I wrong? Only one person has reached out about it and has confirmed that they paid, but has had some banking issues in the last couple days and isn't sure it went through. Which leads me to believe that they can all at least see the invoice...right?


TL;DR: If I set a due date on an invoice, can my customers pay early (like, today)? And if they pay before the due date, when do I receive those funds?