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Credit card processing fee


Credit card processing fee

I sent an invoice that the customer pays by credit card.. I used the same format as last year but this year the prices went up significantly:


Full package: 260€

Card processing fee of 3,4% + 0,34€/transaction=9,20e

Total 269,20e


I took 3,4% from 260,34 like last year to get 9,20 fee.. but PP took 14,89 fee. How much should I charge to get 260 in hand?


"Payment details

Purchase Total
269,20 EUR
Gross Amount
269,20 EUR
PayPal Transaction Fee
-14,89 EUR
254,31 EUR"
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Re: Credit card processing fee



Visit this page, select your country and access the PayPal User Agreement for the fee schedule:

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂