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Change International shipping

New Community Member

Change International shipping

I have a website and I sell International.   I remember speaking with a PayPal rep a few years ago, and she had updated the shipping amount, since I use PayPal as a payment method when you check out.  


Since it went up again.  I need to change the shipping amounts for both Canada and Europe etc....  I remember they said to call and they will change it on their end, and when people check out they will get that charge.  I changed it on my site, but when people are checking out they dont get charged the updated amount.  


I tried calling and they said they cant help me at this time and hung up.  I also tried with an email but they said they cant help me thru the automated system and it will be a few hours.  I dont mind waiting, I just cant today.  I can later, but I was just making sure that is the only way I can change it. 

Any ideas from the seasoned professionals?  


Thank you!