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Cannot print postage labels

New Community Member

Cannot print postage labels



I'm trying to print a shipping label to send an item that I've sold on eBay but it's not working.


On PayPal I get the error: 

Your payment for postage cannot be processed because it exceeds your available balance. Please add a credit card or bank account to your account to complete this label purchase. ERRORCODE-50023


Even though there is over £500 on the PayPal account balance & also a unexpired card linked to the account.


On eBay I get the error: (when trying to purchase Royal Mail)

Error creating label:


is there anything I can do?

thank you



Re: Cannot print postage labels

Hi Cf000 and welcome, 


I am sorry to hear that you are having such issues with this. I can see that your post was a few days ago so I am hoping you have got it resolved by now. If not please contact us directly so we can help you further with this. To contact us please click on the "Help & Contact" link at the bottom of any PayPal page. 


Thanks for your post and please keep us posted as it may help other members,