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Accept credit card payment thru PayPal


Accept credit card payment thru PayPal

I just recently signed up for paypal for my business to accept credit cards. I tried doing an invoice, sent the link to myself to pay it myself to test how the process works but all my credit cards are declined. All my cards are active and not exceeding limit. Does anyone know the reason why?


Thank you in advance for the help

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Re: Accept credit card payment thru PayPal



Can't send payment to yourself because that's like giving yourself a cash advance without being charged the proper fees and interest according to the agreement you have with your credit card accounts.


How the process works is when the buyer clicks PayPal button to checkout out, they are taken to the PayPal log in page to log in to PayPal to pay or use a credit or debit card, then they fill out their billing/shipping info and complete payment.


If you want to test, use the Sandbox environment:

Kudos & Solved are greatly appreciated. 🙂