Multi orders, ebay, acct suspended

In mid to the 20th of May 2021 I placed several orders with ebay. Money my mother had left me, and the first day they started arriving I think there were 6 of the individual orders received, and 2 we very different than appeared or claimed to a degree that it was obvious it was optical illusions used to make them appear LG when they were miniature compared to their appearance when id viewed the prior to purchase. So on that first day of a few of my delivered items, I reached out to complain, and ebay put me through the app to the sellers and while the one I wasn't convinced was not what they'd claimed I could not same w/o a doubt, so I conceded. And of course they didn't mind that (ebay) bc I assume that seller related our conversation and solution we'd reached. But the 2nd one was so much easier to see and in my mind was nothing like it appeared. It was nothing like it appeared in size and it was tiny. So I spoke with him and it was no conceding this time, and I told the gentlemen during our msgs back and forth that I felt Ebay should protect its patrons from these type of tactics. And we ended our conversation. Within a couple hrs my acct I'd just used for the first time was suspended an the email was worded to imply that I'd somehow been threatening or aggressive in some way. And this has been nothing but a bold face lie. I'd bought to the best of my ability to count them all correctly over 60 items and spent more than $3,000 to $4,000 and when I spoke to ebay themselves, I told them this and that it was money from my mother bc I wanted beautiful things we loved and shared an interest in bc one day I could look back at them and know that they'd in essence came from her. But bc I'd spent this money and knew I could not keep them all I knew if one day I needed I could sell some of them too. I'm not sure if it was the volume of small purchases or what, but they suspended me almost immediately and it's been the most devastating and depressing mess I've ever known in the world of wonderful vintage pottery primarily. And for the investment parts I bought Case XX and vintage or (claimed) to be rings with sparkly stones, some claiming CTs of emeralds and Diamonds. And I dont think that or the vintage part applied at all after I finally got to see what I believe was some of the ads as I'd seen when I screen shots prior to purchasing to what they now wanted me to believe they'd said all along. I have broken pieces on arrival I cannot get in touch with them over. Its is the worst case I've ever seen of what's supposed to be an upstanding well thought of company or that was my (previous) impression, who actually are or have always I have to wonder, been helping to build their fortunes on fraudulent and low brow means and measures. I could go on and on. And I'm not impressed with the amount of determination PP puts into doing anything about them. And that may not help my many disputes, but it absolutely doesn't help me or anyone to just speak half truths. After all that is exactly how they got so much of my sweet mother's gift. So shame on you who first practice to deceive bc we dont getaway with anything down the line. We all will have to answer to our makers and give an account of everything we've done with our time on this earth. And money is nice, I've had some but never alot. But I certainly have a clear conscious myself!
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