We suddenly keep on getting error 2106 - Cannot Authorize at this time (Policy)




We realized recently that we are getting this error in BT : 2106 - Cannot Authorize at this time (Policy))

It has been observed that effective customers were charged successfully in the past months.

The total numbers as of today are 10,217


What does this error exactly mean and how do we resolve this?



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Cannot Authorize at this time (Policy) (2106)


Although, the generic nature of the decline code is often intended to protect the cardholder's privacy. This was done in order to help with merchant reporting and understanding the actual response from banks.

With that said, for more information regarding these declines, the customer will have to reach out to their bank to find out what policy on the card is causing this decline. To note, consumer privacy laws dictate that the bank will only share this information with the customer directly.

The customer should request Tier 2 Technical Support, as the frontline agents may not have the access and system visibility needed to locate the determining factor behind the decline. In our experience, it's sometimes helpful for the customer to reference the specific transaction when contacting the bank (e.g. "this amount, on this site, at this time") in order to get more information.




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But this seems to be a new decline code/reason as I've never seen it before a couple of months ago. Also after getting this on some declines, the same card later worked?? So It must be similar to insufficient funds or something? More detail like that does not invade the card holder's privacy but helps us to know how to handle it. It seems like they keep coming up with more and more generic ways to decline cards lately.
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did anyone find out more information about this error code?  I am also starting to see an increase of this error as well. Looks like it is only tied to Master Card and i'm getting a sense there was a change in renewal subscriptions. 

any other information would be super helpful with troubleshooting. thanks! 

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