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Paypal seller onboarding before payment issue

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I need to built an online platform where I need to onboard sellers into the system.


I referred to the link below:


Followed the steps as mentioned in the documentation.


Got the access token and also got the links to create the sign-up link.


I used the href property of the second item.


I also provided the return_url value as mentioned in the docs.


But i am not redirected to that url with the query params.


Instead got redirected to the dashboard page, which is supposed to happen when i don't provide the return _url.


Below is the request params to the specified endpoint.


$body = [
'tracking_id' => '',
'partner_config_override' => [
'return_url' => route('profile.onboarded'),
'operations' => [
'operation' => 'API_INTEGRATION',
'api_integration_preference' => [
'rest_api_integration' => [
'integration_method' => 'PAYPAL',
'integration_type' => 'THIRD_PARTY',
'third_party_details' => [
'features' => ['PAYMENT', 'REFUND', 'PARTNER_FEE']
'products' => ['EXPRESS_CHECKOUT'],
'email' => auth()->user()->email,
'legal_consents' => [
'granted' => true


it's a php laravel application with virtual host still in development stage. it's in test / sandbox mode.


Please help me with this.

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