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PayPal Pending payments are not supported - 2081

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In most cases, this is caused by a currency mismatch between your Braintree sandbox account and PayPal sandbox account. To fix the issue in the sandbox, follow the steps below:

The same can be done for production, using the steps below:

Alternately, you can open a new balance for the currency you’d like to accept:

  • Go to and login using the PayPal Sandbox account linked to your Braintree Sandbox account
  • Click ‘Currencies’ link in the main page
  • Click ‘Add a currency’ button and follow the instructions

Another reason for this error is if you have payment review enabled in your PayPal sandbox account. This feature is used to test pending payments on the PayPal side when integrating directly through PayPal and is not supported when using Braintree.

If you have this enabled, follow the steps below to turn-off payment review in your PayPal sandbox receiving account by following the steps below:

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