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How to handle multi-currency in Braintree? [or] What is a presentment currency?

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In Braintree, currencies are determined by the merchant account IDs used.

A single Braintree gateway can have multiple merchant accounts and each merchant account within a gateway can be identified by its unique merchant account ID.

You can use this ID to specify a merchant account when creating a transaction or during a client token generate call. If you have a single merchant account, it is not necessary to specify a merchant account ID in your API requests. If you have multiple merchant accounts and choose not to specify the merchant account ID, all requests will process through your default merchant account.

Even if you only have one merchant account in your gateway, certain third-party shopping cart integrations may require you to provide your merchant account ID.
To find your merchant account ID(s):

  1. Log into either the production Control Panel or the sandbox Control Panel, depending on which environment you are working in
  2. Click on the gear icon in the top right corner
  3. Click Business from the drop-down menu
  4. Scroll to the Merchant Accounts section

From here you'll see the merchant account IDs in the first column for each account.


If you don't see your merchant account IDs in the Control Panel, check to make sure your user's role has the Add/Edit Processing Options role permission.

In the sandbox environment, you can add your own merchant account ID for testing purposes, but you will have to reach out to our support team for adding a merchant account ID in the production.

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