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removing bill me later from my pay pal page

How can I remove my bill me later account info from showing up on my paypal page?

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Re: removing bill me later from my pay pal page

Hey damusic1! Welcome to the boards, hope to hear more from you in the future.


The only way that you would be able to remove BML from your PayPal account would be to cancel your BML account (with BML, we don't have that capability at PayPal).  They will notify us that you have cancelled it and it would be de-linked from PayPal.


Hope this helps.



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Re: removing bill me later from my pay pal page

BillMeLater will tell you your account is cancelled, even the stupervisor will lie to you AND the paypal rep that I insisted listen to call with BML. The poor paypal rep didn't know what to think.  MONTHS HAVE ELAPSED SINCE I CANCELLED THIS CRAP, and it still hangs around like a herpes. YOU **bleep** PAYPAL, EBAY, BILLMELATER, ALL THE SAME CORPORATION. PURE RUBBISH, YOU can NOT GET RID OF BILLMELATER. They just refuse to go away; JUST FILE A COMPLAINT WITH THE FTC.GOV. 

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