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How can a minor open a fake BML account?????


How can a minor open a fake BML account?????

I just found out that my son, 14 years old, opehned a BML account using a random 4 digits SSN, and a

random birthdate. He subsequently was able to buy nearly $2,000 in goods on eBay.


I can not contact anyone at BML.


I have contacted one vendor who has not yet shipped goods. Hopefully that order will be cancelled.


One other vendor has already shipped and apparently gotten paid by BML and is uninterested in getting the

item back. He is not answering my emails.


Where is the money to pay the vendors coming from? My kid does not have any bank accounts with money

in them. How can BML let an underage kid with no credit rating or money agree to a contract and open an

account? They obviously did NO checking of any kind.


As a parent, I have come down hard on him for doing this, but don't know what to do with the goods. Do I

send them back even though he bought from "no refunds" vendors and the vendors don't want the goods

back? What do I do???? What will happen? Like I said, I can't get in contact with anyone at BML who

can help with this.


And my son can't even remember which random 4 digits he used as a SSN. Incredible....









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Re: How can a minor open a fake BML account?????

Bill me later is an online credit company. Think of them as a credit card without the card. Your child was able to open an account using someone else's social security number, so the items he purchased are going to go against someone else's credit rating. Your son has committed identity theft. Bill me later has a reputation of being very quick to open an account. With the products there is really nothing you can do, the sellers got their money from bill me later so they don't care to get the products back. If your son is lucky, nothing will happen, but, there is a good chance that whoever owns the SSN that he used regularly checks their credit, will see what happened, and make an identity theft report. You could go down to the local police station and tell them what happened and surrender all of the merchandise as evidence.

Re: How can a minor open a fake BML account?????

Incredibly he used a random 4 digit number as the SSN and a birthdate which was his month, day, and my year.

He doesn't even remember what 4 digit number he used. I can't believe this outfit is happy to use only a 4 digit SSN. That means every 10,000 people there is duplication. Why does the US Govt use 9 digits and these people say 4 is enough.


Yes I could take the stuff to the police station but I have a feeling they wouldn't do anything.


I know he is totally wrong, but these people are adults running a company and at the very least they should run

 a credit check before extending an unlimited line of credit to just anyone.