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Prepaid Vanilla Visa Problems?

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Prepaid Vanilla Visa Problems?

Hi, Paypal Community,


I got a $25 Vanilla Visa gift card. I already linked it to my Paypal, and I got it confirmed. I have already used it on one transaction and it went by smoothly. However, I am trying to buy something from Dealextreme now. It is around $8, so I planned on exhausting my ~$4 Paypal cash and taking the rest from the remainging $5 in the card. However, when I try to checkout, I get "You cannot complete this action on the card you have selected. Please select another card." I don't want the $5 to go to waste. Does anyone know what's wrong? Also, I recently moved, and I tried to change the address on the card. However, they could not recogize the CVV. Any answers are greatly appreciated.


Thanks to all!

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Re: Prepaid Vanilla Visa Problems?

Many times, limited gift cards are not accepted by the company that you try to make a purchase from IE: pay as you go cards. Because of the companoes that have trial versions of items and I will NEVER accept a trial offer again since one that i did NOT sign up for a recurring fee or products took it upon themselves to make me a member that I did not want to be in the first place. I had to stop my paypal debit card and receive a new one due to these fraudulent people. Be aware, that if indeed, it is a trial offer, they make rake you over the coals. Many times, you can find the very same products on eBay without the strings attached and sometimrs, at a better cost to you.

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VanillaVisa User

I just now found out I need two of these credit cards in order to use one! Is this true or am I reading it wrong? It's messed up cause I need this money now! Is there anyone that can help me make sense of this, or anyone that is going through  the same thing? Smiley Mad 

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Re: VanillaVisa User


Mastercard and I`m getting repeated `messages. "You have entered an invalid number or partial credit card or debit card number. Please check your entry and try again" I`ve been on it for 4 days and can`t get a straight answer, have a pending purchase that will end up flagging me as a bad user because these **bleep** at PP don`t seem to want to take responsibility for the huge mess they have created with their site.  Can`t email them, got a half hour run around on the phone that was a collosal waste of time.  These folks are cowards-there are many people who have had the same complaint and I have yet to see a single solution.  Some geniuses suggest we entered the numbers wrong or there is no money on the card.  Wish I would have thought of that first you maniac idiots.  Card was brand new and tested on a purchase elsewhere on line today with success.  Entered all the proper numbers and information.  THE PROBLEM IS NOT ON MY END.  If anyone can offer up a real solution I would appreciate it.  These folks can damage our internet purchasing reputation with their careless management of a site that is obviously far too complicated for the folks running it.  At that point it can become a legal issue and maybe they'll finally answer some questions.  If you are depositing a paycheck for your hard work and it is from your employer PayPal, 1)Give it back you haven't earned it and 2) You should be ashamed for taking a paycheck if this is the best that PayPal employees can offer.  (This problem has been happening to people for over 5 years with no solution-that isn't the sign of  a good company.  A good company would also offer an opportunity to contact them via email perhaps.  Now if you are hiding something, well you might not want people emailing you, right PP?  (Perhaps this is what their recent legal problems were all about) Sadly they seem to be dominant in the field but with service this **bleep**, someone will come along with a LEGITIMATE service.  Yeah I'm **bleep**.  Still would like a reasonable solution if anyone has one.



Re: VanillaVisa User

Hi folks, and welcome to the forums for you new posters!


Gift cards are not recommended for use with PayPal. The use of any type of card through PayPal generally involves verification. Since gift cards and prepaid or stored value cards are not associated with your name or a billing address, they often cannot pass that verification.


If you have a gift card, your best bet is to use the number in the traditional way on a merchant's website.


If you're looking for a prepaid card option that is compatible with PayPal, you may be interested in Green Dot MoneyPak.


I hope this helps!



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