Paypal running me around in circles and cannot commincate with them!!!

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Hopefully I can recieve help and the answers i need here since its impossible to get into contact with Paypal, since i tried emailing them and their "send email" button has magically dissapered after writing my email. So below is my email to them. This is becoming a pain in the butt to me... thanks..



Hi there, Im getting extremely frustrated with Paypal here. I have been asking for a paypal credit or debit card since August, and everytime i do, you deny me limit my account and ask for pictures of my social security card, id, etc.. And I have 3 times now send those pictures to you over the web, to be veryfied, and they become confirmed and verifyed, and i have to wait ANOTHER 30 days to request a card again, JUST TO BE LIMITED AGAIN AND ASKED TO SEND THE SAME **bleep** PICTURES OF MY INFORMATION OVER AND OVER AGAIN!!! This is absolutely ridiculous!! Please forward this to the appropriate person, and please look into this and respond to what Im talking about please. Im pulling my hair out with Paypal!! Brittany

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