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How to transfer money from paypal to a debit card?



I would like to transfer my funds that are in my paypal account onto my prepaid credit/debit card I have the card on the paypal account it is also confirmed. When i try to Withdraw to bank account It only lists my other bank account. When I try to add it it says it already exists. Please help I do also have the routing number and the bank account number to do the transfer the problem as stated is it doesnt come up in the list of available accounts to transfer to

Thank you for your time and input on this situation

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Re: How to transfer money from paypal to a debit card?

Welcome acetolyne


If you have a U.S. based PayPal account it is not possible to withdrawal funds directly to a credit/debit card.  If the card has a valid routing number/account number that is associated with the card then you can add this information to your account first, confirm it, then withdrawal the money.


If the card only has a 16 digit card number and does not have a routing/account number, then you will not be able to withdrawal the funds in this manner.  Typically, withdrawals are done either via bank transfer or by a check sent in the mail.  I hope this helps clear up your situation and I wish you a good day.



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