HELP, ongoing problem getting bank account verified since June 2011


I have been trying to get my credit union account verified since June 2011 with no success.  Paypal says they send a couple of small deposits to my credit union account and they say those deposits are rejected because they have an invalid account number.  I've talked to my credit union and they tell me that they have no record of ever receiving a deposit from Paypal that was rejected on the dates Paypal says they sent the deposits.  I've had my account there since 1972 and have never had a problem before so I believe what they are telling me.  I spent two hours on the phone today in a conference call between my credit union and Paypal.  The credit union rep said they had their credit union account verified with Paypal.  So if his works, what is the problem with mine?  After the two hour phone call that resolved nothing, I got an email from Paypal saying that I would have to open an account in a different bank, as my Credit Union does not accept ACH wire transfers.  This is an out and out lie that they are hoping I believe, so I will shut up and go away.  I have done wire transfers in and out of the credit union to other banks, even to other countries, so Paypal needs to fix their problem. 


Has anyone else ever encountered anything so ridiculous?  And if so, how did you resolve it?  Thanks for your help.

Carole Saylor

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