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under review hold up..

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I sold a £350 item on ebay yesterday and when I looked someone had sent me an echeque, quckly followed by an email saying could I refund them as they meant to send it as a paypal payment, apparently their card had expired without them being aware.


So I refunded, they then updated their card details and paid again, this time the payment coming through okay but it then told me the payment was under review..


This was approx 24 hrs ago and its still showing as being under review. I explained to the buyer that I'd read on the internet that this can sometimes happens when an expensive purchase is made as a first transaction on a card?


The buyer contacted me numerous times yesterday asking for me to sort the problem out because as far as he was concerned the money had been taken from the account so I should be sending the item.


Could someone please look into this as the 24hrs are up. I have contacted the buyer stating that if the payment isnt complete within a matter of hours I will refund and cancel if he agrees to it..


The transaction ID is: 26F96541LG048712L






under review hold up..


Just had an email about the payment being finally cleared! so whether that's a coincidence?

under review hold up..


Hi dazzbarwise,


Welcome to the community forum! When a payment is 'Under Review', it's being reviewed by PayPal for up to 24 hours. We normally advise sellers not to ship items related to payments in this status, until the payment shows as 'Cleared' or 'Completed'.


If you have received an email stating that the payment is now cleared, you can log into your account and confirm the payment status. You can also ship the item once you have confirmed this. If you're still unsure, I'd recommend contacting Customer Support directly for further assistance.




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