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Basically I am new to selling items on Ebay, but not purchasing and using paypal.

I have had my account with paypal and ebay for quite some time. this is fine, and i have had to change email addresses.

my problme arises when my items were purchsed and paid for (confirmed through ebay messages by the buyers of my items) . however, the money has been put into a card i that is old (not my primary card which i have never had mix up or trouble with payments before). i have dispatched the items to my buyers as the fault lies with me. my question is my paypal account is not recognising the payment in my account at do i go about getting my money transferred in to the correct account??? bear in mind i have no longer access to my old email address which seems to be where the buying details were sent.




inactive cards

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Go and find the transaction in your “my ebay” > click to the right where it says sell similar > don't fill in anything just scroll down to the payments section > look in the paypal box > is the email addy in there correct with no spelling mistakes? If so then it would have been wrong on your finished auctions so come back for more advice.

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inactive cards


Hi Gerardinehearts,


Kernowlass is right.


It sounds like the payments were sent to a PayPal account which has your old email address attached to it.


Did you have an account with us before?


I suggest that you contact us by phone so we can help you into the old account and transfer the balance to the new account.


Hope this helps,



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