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denied by card issuer really **bleep** me off

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denied by card issuer really **bleep** me off

All of a sudden two days ago I was able to make purchases on eBay but then i started getting an error message:

We're sorry, but your transaction couldn't be completed using the selected card, Visa x-6559 because it has been denied by the card issuer. Another payment method has been chosen for you. Please continue with this payment method, or choose a different way to pay.


 wtf does this mean and how do i get around it i contacted my bank and everything is ok there so is paypal the one with the problem

Re: denied by card issuer really **bleep** me off

Hi stephenmcdaniel, 


When you receive this message it means that your card issuer/bank are declined the payment. So basically they are not authorising us to take the funds to complete your transaction. 


When this happens you will need to contact the online authorisation department and your bank to clarify why they are declining your transactions. They should be able to resolve it for you. 


Thanks for posting 



Re: denied by card issuer really **bleep** me off

I "borrow" this topic.

I have the same problem. Funny thing is that i don't even want to pay with my credit card, but directly from Paypal account.

But no matter what i try to do, it all ends up to the page where i'm asked to add new credit card.


Does this got anything to do with this:

On my account page in Paypal a headline says tham "Your MasterCard blah, blah expired, need to update."

I did that but still that headline is there. And when i click link on "Update Credit Card Expiration" next page says that the card has already updated.


Re: denied by card issuer really **bleep** me off

I have had this exact same problem. I used google wallet instead to make the payement and that worked fine. I don't see why my bank would deny the purchase on paypal but not on google wallet ?
I'm sure there is a reason.
Also I had £0.01 sent to my account from paypal, the payment type was FPI ?
I have no idea what this is but as soon as it apeared I started having this problem