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am i covered by paypal


am i covered by paypal


I bought a laptop from ebay, on the listing seller wanted to send paypal invoice (strange) so i bought ti and payed through ebay/paypal as normal.

Then I got this message .......Hi there,
Having some issues with my Paypal account, Is it okay to refund you the payment and send you an invoice from Paypal to pay through that, I will include the listing details on the invoice. I want to check with you this is okay first and if so can you confirm this so I can issue the refund and then send you a new invoice.


I got my refund and he sent an invoice, but instead of paying his invoice i sent a message asking for HIS email and I will send money!!

so I sent the money as Goods, my question is 

Am I covered?

Thank you

Volunteer Advisor

Re: am i covered by paypal

See section "13. PayPal Buyer Protection" of the User Agreement.  If you followed the steps there, you should be covered. PayPal Buyer Protection