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Want to send £1635 to a Swedish account but PayPal seems expensive

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I'm in the UK.


Just gone through the process of working out how to send £1635 to a Swedish individual in swedish Krona (SEK) and the calculator says it will cost me around £150 which I thought was quite expensive.


Can someone enlighten me? Almost 10% of the actual amount is a lot in my books.


Want to send £1635 to a Swedish account but PayPal seems expensive


Hi there m155698,


Sorry for the long response but thought it best you had all the facts!

If you send money in a currency that is not your primary currency, we follow these practices:

1.  If you have a balance in the requested currency, we will fund your transaction from your balance.
2.  If you have a balance in a different currency, we will perform a currency conversion and use it to fund your transaction.
3.  If you do not have any available balance(s), we will fund your transaction with your default payment method.

**When your transaction involves a currency conversion, we provide you with a choice of whether we perform the currency conversion (at our exchange rate), or your credit card company performs the currency conversion (at their exchange rate).

•  If PayPal performs your currency conversion, we disclose the conversion rate to you at the time of the transaction
•  If you choose to use your credit card company’s currency conversion procedures, we will not be able to display the conversion rate.

Your card issuer will determine the exchange rate to apply to the transaction, and you will not be informed of the exchange rate or any additional  fees applied until you are billed by your card issuer


Here’s how to see a list of all our fees:

  1. Go to log in to your account.
  2. Click ‘Fees’ at the bottom of the page.


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