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Serious Paypal and bank problems, HELP!!!


Serious Paypal and bank problems, HELP!!!

"Hello community, I'm having problems with my Paypal again. :smileymad: This time it's refusing to transfer money from my bank account to my Paypal. I had my monthly eBay seller fees to pay on the 3rd of April (I only noticed the problem  yesterday), they wanted £107. I checked my bank account and I had enough to pay it (or so I thought  :smileyembarrassed: ) and it's been refusing to transfer the money leaving me with -£107! I clicked the 'resolve negative balance' bit and transferred what I had in my bank account to try to help make it look a bit better and I don't know if it's actually processing or not. I recently nearly reached my account limit and provided the information to remove the limits, I don't know if it's something to do with this but I thought it would help to mention it.. Please help!" I posted this a day or two ago and got no replies so I'm posting again because it's gotten worse. I checked my online bank account and my balance appears the same but I was supposed to receive my benefit money today but Paypal has APPARENTLY taken the money to resolve the negative balance and it isn't showing on Paypal at all!! Also I tried paying for something on eBay and it's trying to charge me over £100 for something I bought under £5, trying to FORCE me to pay the seller fee's that have apparently been taken out of my account so I can't pay for it! It's really stressing me out and I have no idea whatsover what's going on or how to fix it. Somebody PLEASE help.

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Re: Serious Paypal and bank problems, HELP!!!

hi im just curious to what your out come was