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Printing only required information of a transaction????

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When I receive an order, I print the order details at home, then take the sheets to work to copy the Names, addresses and tel: no's. These are all the details that I require at my workshop in order to ship via Royal Mail. Here is the problem:- When I click on details, there is a mass of 'unrequired' info. Is there any way to print ONLY the aforementioned needed info? As one of the most important elements (their Tel: No.) is right at the bottom, it rolls over to a second page! Hence doubling my paper use. If the Tel: No. higher up the page, I could simply print one page. I don't suppose it's possible, but in an ideal world, I would like to just print a list of all orders on one sheet.


Printing only required information of a transaction????

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One option would be to export your transaction history to a CSV file, then import into Excel and then you use the data any why you want.   See this guide for few tips concerning reports:

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