After money finally appears in my Paypal account out of the deadline I was given when originally making he transfer, I send the money for the bill that's needed to be paid (And is now late). I've come on to the website to try and find out the timescale for how long it should take for funds to go from my paypal account to another, it may be my looking too hard for the answer but I cannot find the answer anywhere on the FAQs or help at all. Any on have any idea how long it usually takes? Perhaps I'm having a dumb moment, it wouldn't be the first time, but after my most recent experience with paypal Im reluctant to use it again. It's entire existence is meant to make transferring quicker, easier, simpler and safer. Granted my experiences have been safe but nothing else. I've never had these problems before, paypal better buck their ideas up and soon. I would suggest all owners and directors etc of the business should read a book called Raving Fans about customer service and see the extent of where they are going wrong. Any way, end of my rant. Thankfully this problem is sorted, for now. We'll just have to wait and see if any other problems lay waiting won't we. If anyone could help with my initial question that would be fab! Thanks guys x
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