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Direct Debit Woes.


Direct Debit Woes.



I was cancelling some direct debits in my bank account and I must has cancelled the Paypal direct debit by accident.  I got an email stating that there isn't a direct debit instruction setup.  So I logged into Paypal and clicked on my bank account clicked 'complete setup', followed that and thought that but I didn't get a confirmation email or anything.  So I read online that if you delete your bank account and re-submit you should be able to setup the direct debit properly.  So that is what I did and during that process Paypal sent me a 4 digit code to my bank account and I which I confirmed in Paypal. 


Great I thought everything is setup now!  Wrong.  I have now got another email asking me to confirm the 4 digit code with Paypal (which I did yesterday!) and when I look at my bank account in Paypal is says 'complete setup' for direct debit still!


What should I do?  I don't want to do this multiple times and trigger something with my bank or mess something up.


Please advise.


Re: Direct Debit Woes.

Mod please delete I have put this in the wrong section.


Re: Direct Debit Woes.

No problem @Lennon_Fan.