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PayPal UK Community Chat - 07/02/2018


PayPal UK Community Chat - 07/02/2018

Hi Everybody!


We will be facilitating the UK Community Chat with our moderation team starting on Wednesday the 7th of February between 4pm and 6pm GMT.


We will be on hand between the above times to answer any PayPal related questions - or just to have a quick chat Smiley Happy


We are going to leave this thread open for questions until the live chat ends on the 7th of February. If there is anything that you would like to ask, please feel free to stop by.


Talk to you soon

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Re: PayPal UK Community Chat - 07/02/2018



Going to keep you busy today as I have 3 questions.


1. We get mixed answers as to whether someone can use funds in their paypal balance without ANY back up card or bank account linked. Some folks say they have been able to and others say they can't till they add a card??


2. Again some folks say they can use Payoneer but as far as I have seen from posts by other mods, paypal does not support payoneer?


3. New legislation states companies can no longer charge for credit card payments, yet folks appear to still have to pay to use a card sending a friends / family payment, should this not be free now?


Thank you.

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Re: PayPal UK Community Chat - 07/02/2018

Hi @kernowlass


In answer to your first question, it is possible for a payment to clear funded by the balance alone without a backup funding source. However, this may not always be the case, as our security could require a back up source and certain types of payments like subscriptions usually require a card or bank account as a backup funding source. 

As for Payoneer bank accounts, these are not permitted or supported in our system.

Our fee structure and any updates are communicated by email and are visible in the fee section of any webpage on PayPal.