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PayPal Community Recognition


PayPal Community Recognition

Welcome to the PayPal Community!


The PayPal Community is in the process of revamping how we recognize users through ranks, badges and other programs.  This is a multi-phase process that will begin with the launch of new badges.  We will continue to update this post with more information as new changes are implemented over the coming months.



Badge Example (can you figure out how to earn this one? Smiley Happy )


What are badges?

Badges are awarded to users to recognize their participation in the community and to show which users have achieved important milestones during their community journey.  Badges will appear on community profile pages and eventually on the profile hover card when you hover over their name in community discussions.





How do I view profile and badge pages?

To view the profile page of a community member, click on their username.  You can also hover over their name while in a community discussion to see their profile card.  Once on their profile page, you will be able to view some of the badges they have achieved or click the right chevron arrow to see their full badge page.

 Profile Page.png


How do I view my own profile and badge page?

If you are logged into the community, click on your profile icon in the upper right corner of the page.  Then click "My profile".

You can also click the right chevron arrow next to your badges to see the full badges page.  If you are viewing your own badge page you will be able to see which badges you have earned as well as some of the other badges that can be earned.



How do I earn badges?

Badges can be earned in a variety of ways.  The more you use community features, participate and successfully help other members, the more likely you are to earn badges.  Most badges are awarded based on specific things you do in the community like receiving kudos, accepted solutions or posting replies.  Other badges may be occasionally awarded by community staff for being a valued community member or participating in specific community events.  We won't say exactly what is needed to earn specific badges but take a look at your badge page and see if you can figure it out. Smiley Happy  Happy badge hunting!





What if I've already earned all the badges already?

Congrats! Smiley Very Happy You've been more active than most users in the community and we value your ongoing participation.  The badges we are launching are part of the first phase of changes so more badges will be added in the future along with changes to user ranks.




If you see a helpful post, please accept it as a solution or give the author kudos. Smiley Happy Thanks!
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Re: PayPal Community Recognition

I have had great service. Thank you so much PayPal!!!
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Re: PayPal Community Recognition

Why do you have to blow sunshine up my behind????

Re: PayPal Community Recognition

So we can earn badges but cant receive our own money because you  guys want to put holds on it to invest it? Makes sense

Re: PayPal Community Recognition

what is the bennifit of paypal and why would i as a buisness owner who runs millions of dollars in merchant transactions want to be partnered with paypal they have done nothing but treat me like im some sort of scumbag and they robbed me cor thousands of dollars i am about to contact the federal trade commission and i think i would be crazy to ever use this company again i have lots of options for medchant acvounts and i make them lots of money they need me but i dont need them

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Re: PayPal Community Recognition

Help me for life and Support my biseness
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Re: PayPal Community Recognition

Great idea