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PayPal Community Q&A - December 21, 2018 - Closed


PayPal Community Q&A - December 21, 2018 - Closed

Hey everybody!


Join the PayPal Community Forums moderation team in our semi-weekly Community Q&A session on Friday, December 21st, from 4-5pm GMT.


Our moderator staff will be here to answer your questions regarding PayPal. This thread will remain locked until the session is open, so if you have a question you'd like to see answered by the community before then, please feel free to post a topic by clicking on "Post a Topic" and selecting the appropriate board.  As always, PayPal customer service can be reached by clicking on "Contact Us" and selecting help via phone or email.


How Community Q&A session works:


The session opens at 4pm GMT. Once it is open, PayPal Community members may participate and ask questions by using the "Reply to topic" button.


In order to post a question, you must be a PayPal Community member. If you'd like email updates on the Q&A, click the "Options" menu and select Subscribe. Smiley Happy 


During the Q&A session, PayPal Moderators will answer general PayPal questions in real-time. 


At 5pm GMT, the session will close and lock. Any questions that have not yet been responded to by a moderator or employee will receive a response within the following hour.


Please feel free to RSVP to the Q&A session by clicking "Me too" at the bottom of this post.  See you then!




Re: PayPal Community Q&A - December 21, 2018 - Open

Hi everybody!


Today's Community Q&A is now open and unlocked! 


Our moderator staff will be available for the next hour to answer your questions about PayPal. We do ask that posts follow the PayPal Community Forum User Agreement and the Forum Guidelines.


Once the session is over, this thread will be locked again, but you will be able to view the content in the forums.  This event is a regular feature every Wednesday from 1pm to 2pm PT and Friday from 4pm to 5pm GMT, so if you missed us this time, please feel free to stop by in the future! 




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Re: PayPal Community Q&A - December 21, 2018 - Open


I am living in Germany, and I have an issue regarding the invalidity of an eBay coupon that is offered by PayPal to me, and the way that PayPal customer service inefficiently helped me with the issue!

I received an email form PayPal, offering a 15 EUR coupon code, for shopping on eBay. The only mentioned conditions are the validity period of the code, 12. December 2018 8:00 to 23. December 2018 23:59, that the code cannot be combined with other actions, and that it is valid for the minimum order of 20 EUR.

When I tried to use the code on eBay, for an order more than 20 EUR, and choosing PayPal as my payment method, I got an error which said the code is not valid anymore!

I wrote an email to PayPal about the problem, which I quote the related part of the answer:
"I reviewed this issue and figured that only a fixed amount of users could participate in this coupon-campaign. It seems like this amount has already been reached in the past days. Sadly this error message don't tell you this."

In the second email I complained that the number limitation is not mentioned in the advertising email, and it seems that PayPal encourages its costumers to visit other web pages and do their shopping via PayPal, but it dies not keep the offers that it makes! To me this is not moral nor customer oriented at all.

The second answer that I received reads: "The coupons from eBay you are mentioning, have a limited contingent. Therefore, it is very possible this has already been used up.
I recommend you to contact eBay, since eBay manages this coupon. They can inform you if the coupon is still usable."

I found this very irritating, actually! It is not the matter of the gift code itself. PayPal should take the responsibility of the email it sends, and the information that it communicates with the customers. Of course, PayPal is paid or gets benefits from the third party to advertise fro them. Now If yet there is an issue with the third party, due to the incomplete communication information, I expect that PayPal takes care of it, and not passing the customer to another institute. I did not received the first email from eBay that now I follow the issue by them.



Re: PayPal Community Q&A - December 21, 2018 - Open

Hi @Zeinab17


Welcome to our Community Q&A session!


I am sorry to hear this coupon did not work for you. As you explained you missed out on this because the target contingency amount was reached before you could avail of it. I know this seems unfair but restriction and conditions a generally not at the forefront of any campaign. I am sure you will receive further offers in the future that you can avail off.  I will pass your feedback on to the relevant team, as this is important for future campaign communications.