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PayPal Community Chat - 4/2 Closed


Re: PayPal Community Chat - 4/2 Now Open

Hi everyone,


There's only one song that I should mention:


<drums>Ba dum, da dum, da dum, da dum, dum dum</drums>  <synth>Deeee do, deeeeeeeeee do.  Deee do, dee dee doooooo. Deee do, deeeeeeeee do.  Dee do, dee dee dee dee dooooo.</synth>


Europe - The Final Countdown

 Smiley Happy



edit: darn, just realized Adrian linked to it Smiley Very Happy


- Frank

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Re: PayPal Community Chat - 4/2 Now Open

Adrian and Frank -


I would hate you both for the final countdown earworm, but this icebreaker was my idea. I have only myself to blame.





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