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PayPal Community Chat 12/4 - Closed


Re: PayPal Community Chat 12/4 - OPEN

Is it that time again already? Smiley Very Happy


If I could have any gift regardless of cost or cost to maintain I would have to go with a real working Iron Man suit. It would be the ultimate gift in my opinion, one of those "gifts that keep on giving".

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Re: PayPal Community Chat 12/4 - OPEN

Wow. I was thinking a realistic gift, and ya'll went completely outside the box.  Matter of fact, you're not even in the same country as the box is. O.o


That being said, very nice guys.  And yeah, Iron Man suit. I could get behind that.



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Re: PayPal Community Chat 12/4 - OPEN

Hi guys! Glad to see the customer support, always nice to know that someone's there to help.


Now to the problem I'm having. In the past, I used a Paypal Student Account, being under 18, for all of my Paypal activities. I used it for business and had plenty of transactions. I eventually got a Paypal Debit Card as well. Not sure if I should post the email, but it's the same as the one attached to this account, except at


When I turned 18 I wanted to convert to a normal account so I could keep all my past information. Long story short, a lot of customer service calls, and I was told I cannot do this and have to make a new account. So I did, and that's this account. However, now I cannot get a Debit Card again (being as I have "no past") and eBay requires a hefty waiting period for anything I sell. I'm treated as a brand new Paypal customer. This is unfortunate, I have a bunch of transactions on my old account.


So my question is, is there any way my accounts can be merged, or at least my transactions moved to my new account? I'd like to continue using the benefits of my old account and all the history I've had with you guys, but was forced to create a new account to use all the benefits of Paypal (that weren't in the student version). I am a loyal Paypal customer and just would like to have the benefits I used to have.


Thank you very much for your time. I understand this session is not going on for much longer, but I could continue via email (on either of the said accounts) if necessary. I also can easily provide proof that I own both, especially considering it's my name (and SSN) that is attached to them. Thanks!


Re: PayPal Community Chat 12/4 - OPEN

Hi vegeto0799, and welcome to the Community!


We're working on a response for you, and will have it posted shortly. If the chat closes before we're able to get your issue resolved, we'll have other options for continuing the discussion. We can always open a new thread or take the chat to another venue.


In the meanwhile, please take a shot at our icebreaker question: What one item you would want for a gift if cost were not an option?


- Olivia

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Re: PayPal Community Chat 12/4 - OPEN

Hi vegeto079,


Welcome! Smiley Very Happy


Thanks for taking the time to explain the situation.  Unfortunately our system isn't currently designed to allow information to be migrated from one account to another.  This is why a brand new account needed to be created.


We can't discuss any account specific information in the community but I do want to make sure that we're able to take a look at the accounts and see what options are available to make sure your previous account history is recognized for the purposes of getting a debit card and the funds availability program issue.  I'm not sure if any changes can be made but we're definitely happy to take a look and make sure all options are explored. Smiley Happy


I recommend reaching out to us on twitter @AskPayPal or send us a private message on Facebook.


Thanks for joining the chat today! Smiley Very Happy


- Frank


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Re: PayPal Community Chat 12/4 - OPEN

Thank you to everyone for participating in this week's chat session!  


The weekly chat session is now closed.  All thread content will remain viewable, but locked.  Any questions that have not yet been responded to by a moderator or employee will receive a response within the next hour.


If you missed chatting with us today, please come back next Tuesday, December 11th , at 4PM Central time. We'd love to meet you!


See you then!



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