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PayPal Community Chat 12/18 - Closed


Re: PayPal Community Chat 12/18 - Now Open

Hello DanielSW and welcome to the weekly Community Chat!


What you're saying makes complete sense, and I can understand why you'd be frustrated with that.


Doing a quick search online, I really couldn't find ANY card company that didn't have a daily limit on their debit cards.  And from a security standpoint, I can understand that.  It'd be terrible if someone got a hold of your card and then proceeded to run out every last possible bit of money you would have available. Smiley Sad


It may be possible to have an increase on the limits, but for that you'd have to give our customer service a call.  As far as total elimination?  Probably not going to be possible, but we'll certainly pass the feedback upwards.



PayPal Employee

Re: PayPal Community Chat 12/18 - Now Closed

Thank you to everyone for participating in this week's chat session!  


The weekly chat session is now closed.  All thread content will remain viewable, but locked.  Any questions that have not yet been responded to by a moderator or employee will receive a response within the next hour.


If you missed chatting with us today, please come back next year on January 8th, at 4PM Central time. We'd love to meet you!


See you then!



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