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Community Chat 8/15 - closed

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Re: I need help

I don't know what an ice breaker is. My head feels full of rocks right now


Re: I need help



HA! That would definitely break some ice. Smiley Happy


To answer your question, your client wouldn't need a 'paid' business account.  A normal business account would work just fine; as long as you have the ability to use PayPal buttons.


What you're looking for would be Auto Return.  This will allow you to direct a customer to a specific page after they complete their payment. You can find some specifics here (as well as some other nifty tools for your button-making needs).


Basically, when you create the button within PayPal, in Step 3 of the button process, you'll have two check-boxes.  Selecting these, you can choose a URL to direct the customer to if they cancel their checkout, or once it's completed.  That would be the one you want.  Put the URL for the download page in there, complete the rest of the button (obviously Smiley Happy), and you should be good to go!



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Re: I need help

Youre not going to actually provide me wth an answer are you? what the heck is an Ice Breaker?  don't have all dang long to read peoples mind. I was asking for legitimate help.


Re: Community Chat 8/15 - closed

Thank you to jerryrussell34, Logan75501 and fellow PayPal employees for participating in this week's chat session and helping make it a success! It was great to see all of you today! :smileyhappy:


The weekly chat session is now closed.  All thread content will remain viewable, but locked.  Any questions that have not yet been responded to by a moderator or employee will receive a response within the next hour.


If you missed chatting with us today, please come back next Wednesday, August 22nd, at 4PM Central time. We'd love to meet you!


See you then!

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