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Community Chat 8/1 - Now closed


Filesonic Refunds Not Allowed

Here is a topic since Customer Service basically did not answer it.


I signed up for a 1-year subscription to Filesonic. As you might have all read, when Megaupload was closed, it scared the other file server sites to do the same as far as downloading.  I joined Filesonic in 8/11. Megaupload was closed 1/12. Others followed by 2/12. I paid for one-year and did not get it. So that at least I should get is a pro-rated refund for the unused months. But NO, Paypal said it was over 45 days.  Well, yeah, it was a 1-year subscription. So I guess I can claim any product of service for over 45 days since the buyer will never be able to collect on it, according to Paypal's reasonings.

Any legitimate credit card company would stand by 1-year.


Re: Filesonic Refunds Not Allowed

Hi terasys, and welcome to the Community!


I can definitely understand your frustration. We want every buyer to have exactly what they have paid for.


PayPal offers protection for the purchase of physical goods, the delivery of which a seller can be expected to provide proof. The reality is that services and digital goods are not something that can be policed by PayPal.


While PayPal cannot require the seller to provide a refund, you can still open a dispute on the PayPal site if you have been unable to reach the seller. A representative may also be able to suggest additional options after looking at the specific circumstances, which we're unable to examine in the Community Forums. You can reach a representative by phone or email. If you use Twitter, you could also reach out to @AskPayPal.


I hope this helps, and I wish you the best of luck in negotiation with the seller!



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Re: Community Chat 8/1 - Now open!

Newbie hereSmiley Happy


Have a customer question.


How do buyers WITHOUT paypal accounts make their shipping address confirmed?  


Re: Community Chat 8/1 - Now open!



It was a pleasure chatting with you as well, and thanks for proofing my response. Smiley Very Happy  None of us caught that, and that's part of what we're here for!




Welcome to chat, more than happy to help out!


As long as the shipping address matches the address on the credit card that's being used, then the address should come out confirmed when a payment is made without a PayPal account.


Hope that answers your question!




Re: Community Chat 8/1 - Now closed

Thank you to PayPal_Andy, PayPal_Frank and especially YellowAfterlife, terasys, and bonlee51 for participating in this week's chat session and helping make it a success! It was great to see all of you today! :smileyhappy:


The weekly chat session is now closed.  All thread content will remain viewable, but locked.  Any questions that have not yet been responded to by a moderator or employee will receive a response within the next hour.


If you missed chatting with us today, please come back next Wednesday, August 8th, at 4PM Central time. We'd love to meet you!


See you then!

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