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link bank account

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Hello ,
I really need your help, I can not add my American bank account payoneer, I confirm that my activity is real I do not fraud I want to link my US account for the speed of receipt of money , i hope you will help me and give me the possibility to link my bank account, please help me please because i have no international visa card but i have an american bank account if he please please link my bank account with the paypal account I would be very happy to have helped me, waiting for your response I hope that will be favorable please accepted madam sir my best regards.

cordially imane zairi.


link bank account

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Hello amouna1

if you look at the Paypal faq, it is said that this type bank account can not be add on Paypal.
good night .


Since June 10, 2014, it is no longer possible to register a Payoneer account on PayPal. As stated in the Terms and Conditions of this US payment service, Payoneer accounts are not bank accounts.

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