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Withdraw request under review

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Re: Withdraw request under review

I have been using PayPal for years now, made hundreds of transactions, both using my credit card and PayPal balance, and all of a sudden I get Payment under review, whether its a payment received or payment made.



One payment just got declined.



Should we now consider moving to a different online payment processor, or is there actually a VALID reason?


Re: Withdraw request under review

Hi Ziyaad30,


Welcome to the Community Forum!


I’m very sorry you recently find your payments under review.


If the additional review of your payment needs to be performed which is usually caused by unusual activity on your account it will take up to 24 hours, however we are not talking here about a withdrawal review as indicated in the thread title. I would like to assure you that this situation happens very rarely. After that time its status should change to ‘Completed’ or ‘Declined’.


Please contact us directly, so I will be able to review your PayPal account in detail to resolve the situation for you.


You have a few options when trying to contact customer services. You can call or send an email through the Contact Us page on PayPal. You can also contact us directly on Twitter @AskPayPal or on Facebook at and we can assist you with any queries that you have.


Hope it helps


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Re: Withdraw request under review

Nice to see PayPal pick and choose which questions to address.


No answers for me getting several different reasons from customer services?  Some ludicrous?

No mention of why this is happening?



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Re: Withdraw request under review

I have made two withdrawals in a week both of which have been "pending"....i have had the same account and all details for years there must be a reason why it has started doing this yet in the last 4 years has never done it once? The two amounts are both less than £30 i don't see how this is a security measure and its really really annoying! I


have contacted customer service and just get told they can't see the reason why or do anything about it....not really good enough? This is my money i should be able to access it instantly not have to wait 3 days or more for it? There must be a reason behind this?


Re: Withdraw request under review

I think that growing number of customers and operations are beyond PayPal system capabilities.

It is, at least theoretically, great concept to quickly send money and let clients withdraw it in an instant, but growing sales should

go hand in hand with system upgrades and hiring proper staff to handle operations in such volume.



Re: Withdraw request under review

Hi... just thought I'd join the protest.


It's the most frustrating and annoying situation when PayPal have a hold on your funds.


I sold an item for just under £1,000 recently and PayPal put my withdrawal 'under review', obviously I couldn't ship the item because I didn't have the money on my bank account to arrange for the courier. I expected it work, naively, as it had always done in the past. This random event, I was later told by PayPal, may have been due to a failed login attempt, one that I had made from my IP and my PC some 5 days ago, but was easily able to log in after my first failed attempt. 


I don't care a hoot about their security system, it's clearly a flawed piece of garbage developed by monkeys. What kind of idiot programmers are behind this? Tioday, again, I've requested a withdrawal and AGAIN my money is being held!! I want to type so many explitives, I'm angry beyond words.


Last time I had to call up PayPal and have them cancel the request so transfer the money to my girlfriend so that she could do an FPI payment to me... absolutely crazy and unbelievable.


And this is only recent, this never used to happen, usually when I made a withdrawal request, within 10 mintues the funds would be on my bank account, PayPal is going fastly downhill and I'm annoyed as **bleep** as there is nothing else out there we can use as an alternative.


We are paying PayPal in our fees constantly, and I for one am not paying for them to hold onto my money because of their stupid flawed security **bleep** up system. If I call up, I expect someone to be able to override this stupidity and release the funds immediately into my account, rather than cancel it and burden someone else with the transfer. I'm absolutely furious about this and something needs to be done. I'm tempted to take to social media and review sites just to give them as many negative reviews as I can post.

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Re: Withdraw request under review

I have the same problem.  I created a PayPal account just to sell some things on Ebay.  I found myself in a financial bind, so I tried to transfer the funds to my linked card, which is supposed to be instant, but then I got the 72 hour hold.  I can't get a reason from anyone, just a lame apology, which does very little to pay my bills over the next until next week when the 72 hour hold is finally completed.  I understand the need for security, but this is excessive.  It would be very nice if PayPal would at least give customers the option to cancel the transfer after notifying us of the delay.  We don't know this is going to happen until we click "transfer", and then it's too late. Our money is in limbo for three business days.

Re: Withdraw request under review

I created a case on this subject, I asked them why is this happening and they always avoided giving me a clear reply. I even asked them if I create a business account, the problem will still persist. Nothing so far, so please Paypal, enlighten us! We want to hear back from you. We want this to be like before, easy and safe transfers. Everybody's frustrated, you can't do this to us! We are responsible for our money, do your job and we'll do ours! 

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Re: Withdraw request under review

Apparently, there is some sort of a glitch with the "instant deposit" feature. I did one instant deposit yesterday, and got the "under review" email. Same thing happened again today, when I tried to use the instant deposit. I then used the "transfer to bank," and everything went through as normal. They are indicating the funds will be deposited overnight tonight as usual. The transaction is showing up as "completed" in my transactions list. So, this issue is only occurring with the "instant deposit" feature. But I'm betting PayPal will not refund the .25 fee they charged for the instant deposit, even though it was far from "instant." Lol!


Re: Withdraw request under review

I just got this problem, I don’t understand why I did the instant withdrawal in 30 mins and I still haven’t gotten it, it has been 12hrs now