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Withdraw To Credit Card - Mistake on paypal and after that i have problem

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on Aug 25. 2014 i was withdraw to credit card and my money never see on my bank acount.


So, on images


you will see mistake on paypal .  Paypal return to me 27000eur but it's tru 270eur .

After two day's, this mistake it will be corect, but my 396eur never see on my bank.

Wat i can do ?


also, after 20 days i was withdraw 350eur and this money also never see on my bank!


On paypal, i have status complited, but in my bank don't have money!?


When i email to paypal, i only have auto-respond msg, never answer about that!

I don't know, how i can resolve this problem ?




Withdraw To Credit Card - Mistake on paypal and after that i have problem


Hi AskAsk,


Thank you for posting!


I’m very sorry to hear about this.


This looks like an issue from a year ago. Have compared the bank account account number with the last 4 digits of the bank account linked with your PayPal account? Do they match? Have you tried to reach to your bank already? What was their asnwer?


I would recommend you calling PayPal Customer Services by clicking onto Contact us on any PayPal page as they will be able to review this for you, as regrettably we can’t see your account details here. 


We also provide support via Social Media (24/7). You can contact us directly on Twitter @AskPayPal or on Facebook at


Hope it helps.


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