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What a Con !!!


Re: What a Con !!!

Ah but....Paypal "logic" (for that read blatant lies and deception) is that any transfer to YOUR bank account from YOUR Paypal account is subject to "security reviews" (read that as blatant lies and deception) or "anti money laundering legislation" (ditto).


Its all a farcical con. Paypal expect you to believe the rubbish they spout yet they seem to lose touch with the fact that the vast majority of their customers (ie the ones that pay their extortionate fees thus their wages) actually possess a brain cell and can see through this garbage.


Any Paypal employee lurking on these boards should really be ashamed of themselves for working for such a corrupt and dishonest organisation. Try earning an honest living.


Re: What a Con !!!

I was a 'victim' of this - it took 7 days to get my money. The thing is I wouldn't have minded the money being late if Paypal had just bothered to tell me. They sent me an email saying 'your money will be in your account on the 18th' which it wasn't.

if someone tells you your money will be on a certain date you expect it on that date. Why couldn't just have jsut said 'your money is being held for 72 hours, it'll be in your account on XX'


Furthermore it's all very well saying these delays are for this & that reason but it's all bull**bleep**. I recieved this from some git at Paypal:


'When a withdrawal is held, this is not a reflection of you or your account activities. Our internal security system is an automated system which reviews all of the details of every withdrawal that is made through PayPal. This is similar to the way your bank or credit card issuer approves transactions. Please note that the withdrawal hold security measure is not a permanent fixture to your account'


Basically these checks are done at random, your account and/or behaviour have nothing to do with it. 


One other thing, classy-diva: there are hundreds of people on this forum who have been affected by Paypal delaying their money without explanation or warning & you keep defending Paypal! And why do you keep blaming people's banks? Do you work for Paypal or something?