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Pending payment - 6 days still pending ...

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Pending payment - 6 days still pending ...

Hi I added over 200£ to my paypal balance from my bank account. This money has been taken out of my bank. This money is showing up on ‘money in’ but says pending, it has said this for almost a week now. I need this money bank in my bank account however can’t find a way to cancel the pending now. Really frustrating they are holding my own money from me! Any help would be appreciated
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Re: Pending payment - 6 days still pending ...



It may have left your bank account but that does not mean paypal have received it yet.

Paypal use the slowest (because its the cheapest) transfer option.

So once its left your bank account it has to go via the automated clearing house > paypal = 5-7 working days.

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