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Paypal move money option disappeared!

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I hope someone can advise...

The option for Paypal to move money from my bank account into my Paypal account has recently disappeared, and I can't work out why.   Has this facility been withdrawn?


I have had my bank account linked and verified with Paypal for years (and credit card linked as backup), and always use the facility under “Add Funds”  whereby I ask Paypal to adds funds to my account for me, taking the money from my bank account, and it arrives within 5 working days.  I have done it that way for years, but just recently I noticed this facility is no longer there. The only option I am given to “Add Funds” is “You move money from your bank account” which means I have to log into my bank account and manually transfer money into my Paypal account, which is a pain!  My bank account and credit card hasn't changed, and are still linked.


How come Paypal can’t transfer the money for me automatically any more?   Any advice / suggestions welcome!


Paypal move money option disappeared!

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You, me and a few million others I think. I asked about this in the community chat the other week and all I got was this reply   >>>


Re: PayPal UK Community Chat – 13/09/2017

Hi again @kernowlass


In regards to your question about the changes to options when trying to add funds from a bank account. This is something that has been brought to our attention recently. We are still waiting on clarification of this process too and I will let you know when there are any more updates on this as soon as I get any.



I am not holding my breath   Smiley Wink
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