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PayPal STOLE MY MONEY - FAKE bank withdrawal


PayPal STOLE MY MONEY - FAKE bank withdrawal

I set up a $500 transfer to my bank which I've only ever transferred amounts to in $100 increments before. I am a YouTuber and my channel has gotten a lot more popular lately and I get paid straight to PayPal, so now I have a lot more money to transfer to my bank account. This month I earned more than the $500 maximum that you can transfer in a month without verifying a bank and credit card and since I already had my bank linked, I linked my credit card and then my transfer limit was lifted. This was about a week after I did the $500 transaction and decided I wanted to send over $1000 more to my bank account, so I completed that transaction.


I checked my bank to see if the first one had gone through and it hadn't, so I went and checked on PayPal's homepage and clicked on the $500 transfer. It was marked as "completed". The transaction should have gone through and had the money in my bank between 1 and 4 days and it had already been about a week. I knew that was sketchy but thought that maybe they were just backed up or something. I was nervous though because I had already sent over the $1000 and hoped the same thing wouldn't happen to that money.


I waited about 3 or 4 days and emailed PayPal through their contact me form. I was extremely angry but kept my cool while I typed up my email because I wanted to be professional about it and fix this in the best way possible. The message that shows up after you fill out their email form says that they will contact you within 24 hours about your message. Here I am 5 days later with no reply. I just filled out another form to dispute the two different transactions, but doubt I'll ever hear back from them about those and I think those forms are for when you buy something from someone on eBay or something but I'm sorta running out of options. I called today but the hours were closed so I'm going to call again tomorrow during their open hours and see what they have to say for themselves. I also sent out about 4 more emails, each under different relevant topics on their contact me form explaining the situation again 


As of right now, it looks like PayPal is a scam and that they are stealing money from people. I've read other reviews online about people just like us having their money stolen by PayPal and then never seeing their money again. I can assure you that I will be getting at least my $1,500 back. I work hard for my money and am not about to let this company rob me. Every day that passes that I don't get my money in my account and receive no email back from PayPal, I just get angrier and angrier and closer to taking some legal action.


PayPal, if you are reading this, then I have a few things to say to you.

1. Stealing is wrong. Ask any 5 year old kid and they'd be able to explain that simple concept to you.

2. Check your email and actually respond to emails from customers. And stop lying about your "24 hour response guarantee". Lying is also wrong.

3. When you say you "completed" a transfer to a bank account, actually complete the transfer like you said.

4. The good thing about being a professional YouTuber is that I have access to millions of viewers and have gotten millions of views on my videos. This means that I can easily talk about what horrible companies are stealing from their customers and encourage all of my followers and viewers to stop using that company. It's easy to ruin a reputation nowadays and even though I would hate to do that to someone who doesn't deserve it, stealing easily makes a company deserve it. It also happens to be what one of my YouTube channels is all about; this exact type of story, and boy do people love hearing stories like this one.

5. There is also legal action that I can take to fix this, so it would have just been easier to give me my money willingly.


In summation, I've been waiting for 2 weeks for my $500 and about a week for my $1000, neither of which should have taken any more than 4 days to process. I am extremely disappointed and angry and will be getting my money. To others who are reading this, I recommend you stop using PayPal as soon as you can. Take out all your money, maybe by check so they don't steal it all, and find alternative ways of managing your money online.


Re: PayPal STOLE MY MONEY - FAKE bank withdrawal

I also had the same problem. On my first transaction almost a week no appearance in my bank account, I also expecting that this problem is happen on the second transaction that I've made.


Re: PayPal STOLE MY MONEY - FAKE bank withdrawal

Me too

1 week send this to validate no this is not what we are looking for delete your account a make business!

ok i dit and at the end the big world F... you 

no you dont have right to take your money thank you for 60 eur you give to us and 6 euro for "validate" you and we are ok

the bad think was that ebay work with this thiefts so i had to left both of them

thats the reason amazon and other platforms won sellers

Last think i will say to this ""company"" now give the money to ebay and by by thiefts because i succed to block me the sum who i must give to ebay

i will never again work with you anymore