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Credit on Paypal

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Hello there.

I would like to buy something on internet and my current PayPal balance is 0 and on my bank account there's not enough money to pay the total amount of the product that I want. My question is  : If I do try to pay with Paypal, the transaction will be completed? Will Paypal pay the amount and create automatically a sort of credit on my Paypal account so I can pay in time the money I have to ? (I'm sort of confused with this Paypal credit thing 😄 )

Thank you very much for helping!

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Credit on Paypal

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If you have not applied for and been granted paypal credit (which is like taking on an online credit card) then it will either not work OR your paypal account may go into negative until you pay them back again. You may also lose the right to have your bank account as a funding source in the future OR paypal will stop allowing you to have the seller credited in advance and you will have to wait a week for your seller to be paid via an echeque.

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