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name change

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name change

I was making an online transaction with a stranger through paypal and did not want to disclose my real name at the time, which I regretted pretty soon thereafter.  I've tried sending in documentation to change the account name to my real legal name (i sent drivers license and a bank statement from the account linked to my paypal, both obviously having my real name which i wanted to correct my paypal account to), but paypal is now telling me those documents are not enough and that the only further documentation that can allow me to change my name is a marriage license, divorce decree, or legal name change documentation, none of which i posess because i am neither married, divorced, nor have i changed my legal name.  I have considered deactivating my account and reopening a new one with the correct name, but I am worried that I won't be able to link my bank account to the new paypal account since it is linked to my current one.  Any suggestions/solutions?

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Re: name change



If you remove your bank account and any cards from your present paypal account and close it then you ''should'' be able to add it to the new one.

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