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bank account verification issue

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so i go to verify my bank instantly and it just stays on loading so i decided okay, well ill just send some money and wait a few days. well when i went to enter the ammount apparently i didnt understand how it worked or something because i put in .50 and it said no. so i put in .02 and it said no. ( add  i didnt add the decimal.. im just showing the ammount ) and finally it gives me a warning 
 " for security reasons if you fail again your bank will be removed " so i put it .99 and it now wont even let me add my bank information. like are you serious!? and let me just say i hate calling them because no one can speak propper english. like its annoying.


bank account verification issue


Hi Queenofhentai,


Thanks for reaching out to us and sorry to hear that. You may need to enter the amounts as 0.02. If you still need help with this, please contact us via Facebook or Twitter: @AskPayPal and we will follow up. 



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