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Pay after delivery

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I'm a bit confused as to why apparently I have this option set up on my PayPal account, yet now a week after the options were there on purchases through eBay it's disappeared. PayPal say it's up to the sellers, which is not true as they get paid anyway, they have assured me it's my preferred way of paying but it's completely gone on any purchased, e.g. superdrug, Adidas, Claire's, eBay. Why can't PayPal give a straight answer?! Anyone else experience this?. Thanks

Pay after delivery

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As you rightly said PAD is offered by paypal and not the sellers.

However its not guaranteed on every transaction and you can only use it when it is.


I expect paypal offers it on a 'cash flow' basis and there may be a few weeks when you don't get if offered.

They also withdraw the right if you get a failed bank transfer or negative balance at all.

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