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Bank in England, living in Holland

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Bank in England, living in Holland

I have a bank account in England that I have been using with paypal for 7 or 8 years. Four and a half years ago I moved to Holland. My English bank has my Dutch address and I still bank with them as well as in Holland. I already have a Dutch paypal account for my Dutch card.


However, when my English bank card expired and I tried to add the new one and it won't let me because when i fill in the details it won't let me state "The Netherlands" as my country of origin. I tried to e-mail Paypal with this and they suggested I open a Paypal account in Holland. I already have one. I want to keep my English one too as I use it for various things.


My gripe is that if my English bank are willing to let me use them even though I live in Holland then why won't Paypal verify it with them. it's obvious it is me, it is the same bank and person and card, just the new issue.


Has anyone else had this problem?


Please read this message properly before suggesting opening a Paypal in Holland. I already have one. Some sites won't accept the Dutch card so I have to use my English one, which is why I want to keep my UK Paypal open.


Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


For me it seems simple. My English bank can verify my Dutch address so I don't see the problem. I had been using the card for four years in Holland anyway, so what is the difference?






Re: Bank in England, living in Holland

Hi there Jojoborne,


At the moment, it's not possible for any customer to change the country that their PayPal account is registered in. I realise that some customers have moved outside the UK and have kept their bank accounts open in the UK but this can cause difficulties if trying to update your information on PayPal.


One thing that you could try to do is to update your address and on the last line, type United Kingdom and this could help with the card being registered on your account.


Apart from that, it's not possible to change the country on your account.


I apologise that there is nothing more I can advise you.