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Bank Confirmation

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Hi Can anyone help with this problem, I have been verified with Paypal and my Bank Account has been Verified for approximately 6-7 years now without any problems at all.


3 weeks ago I have started to sell items on eBay and I have sold 3 items and payment has been received into my Paypal Account. Today I transferred part of that amount from my Paypal account to my Bank Account.


I have now received an email from Paypal to look into my Bank Account for two small deposits of money and when known go into Paypal Account and enter those two amounts, this is to confirm my Bank Account.


Why do I have to do this when I have already done this 6-7 years ago and my Bank Account is showing CONFIRMED and has been for several years.





Bank Confirmation


Hi there White499,


If you are receiving an email asking you to complete the verification process on your bank account, would it be possible that you may have more then one bank account registered to your PayPal account? If you do, you could be being asked to complete the verification on your secondary bank account.


If you only have one bank account registered, there could have been a failed transfer from your bank account that resulted in the direct debit being cancelled. This would also explain why you are being asked to confirm your bank account again.


If you try going to the Profile section on your PayPal account and then to the My Money section. You will be able to see here if your bank account is confirmed or unconfirmed.


I hope this helps,



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