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Is there any "upgrade account" API available?

I have a marketplace using PayPal as the only payment method. To receive payments users need to have a premiere or business account. In my website, when they publish an item to rent, they have a link where they can link their paypal account to be payed. The issue is that if they have an existing "personal" account, they have the screen attached below. (no upgrade button or link proposed, not even further details) And users just abandon the transaction and sometimes email me to say "there is a problem with paypal", or "I can't link my paypal account"... and that only because this page is like a dead-end.


Screen Shot 2017-02-06 at 10.29.57 AM.png


Is there any API available for upgrading an account? I only could find the "create account" one.


Something like this is what I need:




I really think that proposing at least a button or link in the page I showed first, would help promote business for paypal and for me as well.


Thanks for your help!!!!




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