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Enable costomer PayPal account to receive payments.

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I am developing a site to organize sporting events, the customer of the portal is an event organizer, it configures a event web page and will charge its participants, and I want to give the option where the organizer can Enable his PayPal account to receive payments has part of his option on the portal, he configure his paypal account to be enable to charge his participants. in this way the participant fill a form and pay in the organizer paypal account, This function already saw it in a portal, can someone give me more information about it? or the api name?


thanks and regards.


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Re: Enable costomer PayPal account to receive payments.



Not sure exactly what you mean by "Enable his PayPal account to receive payments", any PayPal account based on a receive country can receive payments once the email address is confirmed and account verified. But there is no API's that can do that. 


Tell me more about what flow you are trying to get working and what it looks like?

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