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View Limits?



Can anyone tell me where to find my View Limits tab on my account overview.


I have searched for it many times and still cannot find it


Thank you,


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PayPal_Jason PayPal Employee
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Re: View Limits?

Hi tham66846078-

Is it possible you've verified your account?  The View Limits link would be on the right hand side of the blue box with your PayPal balance on the account overview, with a corresponding link for how to lift those limits on the following page.

Thanks for coming to the Community Help Forum!

PayPal Jason

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Re: View Limits?

Thanks Jason

I am going to try to follow your steps except the item was not purchased on eBay and it was purchased with an eBay direct card, I guess that doesn't matter. If I get stuck I Yell.

Thanks again Star

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timber New Community Member
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Re: View Limits?

go to              then veiw limits

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