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How do I get my routing number or account number??? To verify my bank?


How do I get my routing number or account number??? To verify my bank?

Help would be greatly appreciated.

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Re: How do I get my routing number or account number??? To verify my bank?

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On the page when you are adding a bank account, there is a picture of check that shows where to locate the routing number and bank account number.  Make sure you use an actual check and not a deposit slip, because the information will be different between them!


If you don't have a check for your account, you'll want to reach out to your bank's processing department and ask for the routing number and account number for external ACH transfers.  You may even be able to retrieve this information from your local teller.


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What is and how do I find Paypal Payments Plus?

So I just signed up like a half hour to an hour ago to forums but ive been with paypal for like 11 years.  I can't figure out how to ask a question?! I couldn't find it anywhere? where do u go to ask paypal a question? 

Here's my question.  Someone told me i had to sign up with paypal payment plus. That it would get my site recognized and it's worth it.  I get lots of calls from people saying they are an independant company and that's all they do.  I trust paypal and want to do it thru them.  Can u please tell me what is paypal payments plus and how to get started with it and  i do want to start i don't want to spend time looking on how to start it.  Because while i was looking for a description of it i couldn't find where to start it up either.  No record of it but the guy that told me about it has a business like mine and he swore by it like if i had 10 bucks to spend on food or this i gotta get this and i'd eat like a queen forever.  Is this the greatest product or what?  It seems not because if I, a customer, am looking for a paypal product on their paypal site and can't find it, HOW are they going to direct customers to me looking for my products? Does anyone know the best site director please?